Amazon This facial water has more than 1500 good reviews

Amazon This facial water has more than 1500 good reviews

Why is rose water so in the Trend? A Toner is applied after cleansing and before face cream and not rinsed. Red cheeks are a weakness for rosacea signs of a connective tissue. In addition to some rules of conduct also have special cosmetics can remedy the situation.

A delicate blush on the cheeks has always been the ideal of beauty in women.

It indicates a good blood circulation, and thus on health, youthfulness, and, ultimately, fertility. Already in Ancient Egypt, the Roman Empire or in ancient Greece, the women helped, therefore, with color on the cheeks: These consisted in part of finely ground Ochre or vermilion, but also herbal AIDS such as Beetroot have been used for this. Until today, this beauty image appears to be little, as Rouge for the cheeks is still one of the most popular beauty products.

Red cheeks are a sign of youthfulness: you can also occur temporarily and undesirable – for example, when we exert ourselves or shame feeling. This redness is, however, usually of short duration. The cheeks are reddened, by contrast, permanently, and rather spotty, it can also put a skin disease.

The so-called rosacea causes these symptoms. There are also trails, the causes of Couperose counter – example, the vessels of the facial skin using special cosmetics to strengthen in a targeted manner. The natural Anti-Couperose products from LOGONA natural cosmetics were specially developed for the needs of the affected areas of the skin.

In addition to a moisture serum and a care, day and night, there is Recently also a cooling rosacea Spray.

That is a great way to calm reddened skin on the go. It fits in any handbag and can easily be over the Make-up to apply. Members of the German rosacea Association tested the new product is already 78 percent of the Tester to confirm the calming effect of the cooling rosacea spray of LOGONA on your skin*.

Click here for the cooling rosacea Spray Of a perfect skin, many people are far away. Rose water to make skin problems of any kind remedy.

Pimples, dry skin, redness, skin problems such as these are often without skin doctor is hardly in the grip. However, many care promise products such as cleansing foams, facial toner, creams and serums salvation. In the case of Amazon, a rose water is particularly striking, because it has almost 2000 reviews , of which 1230 5-star reviews . We were curious, what’s up with that.

Rose water is obtained through steam distillation from rose petals. It is mostly used as a face lotion, because it moisturizes, and stimulates circulation and the pH of the skin neutralized . Since rose water is very mild, it can also be used for sensitive skin. Against wrinkles rose water helps because it has a firming effect on the skin.

Pimples and acne will also disappear, thanks to the anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties of rose water. In addition, rose water has a slightly mattifying effect, so that the pores are narrowed, and less blackheads arise.

After a short time, the pimples should disappear with two-time application daily. In case of eye rings, two with rose water soaked cotton pads on for 15 minutes under the eyes. You can use rose water for Removing make-up, but only light Make-up.

Rose water can also be used as a hair tonic for dry scalp as it promotes blood circulation and has a relaxing effect.

In the case of tension headaches , place a cool compress with rose water on the head. The relieves the tension. Since rose water has mild antiseptic, it is also suitable as a mouthwash is excellent and gives you a fresh breath.

The vegan rose water from Rosense has neither preservatives, nor artificial fragrances or alcohol.

It consists of water, 100% distilled rose water and rose oil . You can Drink it, too. A few drops in 1 litre of give to of still mineral water and drink it throughout the day. Also in the sparkling wine at celebrations of the rose water, tastes great.

Amazon customers are thrilled: My skin is gently cleaned and maintained and has a beautiful Glow, without the greasy to. The water removes any Makeup residues and leaves the skin fresh without drying it out. After application, my skin is really super soft, I would not have expected.

Use it now for a month, and I also feel that it has reduced my blackheads easily. I needed a relatively tough skin which is often a lot of care.

I’ve tried before, many face lotions, and need none to say of them comes close to this. The rose flower water from Primo Vera refreshes the skin as pleasant and comes from organic production. It comes in a convenient spray bottle, so that it can be used as a body spray for freshness between uses.

You can buy the rose water in najoba for about 11 euros. The organic rose water has been obtained in a 3-fold distillation of damask roses and is completely natural. You can buy it on the Khatys for about 18 Euro.

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