Angelo Kelly and His new life after the band exit

“I’ve never worked so much in the last three and a half years”

Angelo Kelly: His new life after the Band-exit

19. May 2020 – At 23:36

Angelo Kelly explains his Band

It is a decision for his wife, for his children, and his brothers and sisters. Angelo Kelly (38) shocked at the beginning of the week with the message that he is leaving the Kelly Family. With RTL, he has spoken for the first time about his exit. In the Video the time of travel of a musician over the last few decades to see .

“It feels right”

The Chapter "Kelly Family" is complete for Angelo Kelly finally! He has announced his Band the exit, and will play from now on, no more concerts with the world famous troupe. You have found a few years ago, only to each other, and in 2017 a great Comeback given. But that has left traces in the 38-Year-old, as he confesses in the RTL Interview: "It has taken a lot of force. I’ve never worked so much in the last three and a half years. I think I can’t do so again ."

His decision, he has not made it easy. Nevertheless, he does not regret it . "It feels right. I know I can focus now fully on my wife and my children ", he says overjoyed. Together with his youth, love and the five children of Angelo lives in Ireland in nature. Here he wants to leave now first the soul, and time with his family, catching up on what he missed in the last few years. A family project is already at the Start: With Gabriel, his oldest son, he is to the Podcast "Father&Son" up. In addition, the fourth family album with him, his wife and Kids will appear in a few days .

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