Annett Louisan

Annett Louisan is one of the most successful German singers, enchanted, with her tender voice and the poetic lyrics, full of subtle wit. And slowly the Louisan who is now a mother loses, the extremely Girlish, she long accompanied

Annett Louisan

  • Born 2. April 1977 , Havelberg / Germany
  • First Name Annett
  • Name Päge
  • Forty three
  • Size 1.52 m
  • Zodiac Sign Aries
  • Partner Marcus Brosch (married) ; Gazi Isikatli (2004-2008, divorced) ; Martin Gallop (separated)
  • Children Emmylou Rose (*2017)

Not everyone knows that

The painting loves Annett Louisan still and even sees Parallels to the music. "I took from the painting, the love for the visual implementation. I believe that if you can paint with the brush, then you can also do it with words. There are images that I sing are basically ."

On your 2016 released cover album "Berlin, Cape Town, Prague" Songs of Rammstein are to be found, among other things, ("Angel"), Plant ("The Model"), Marteria, Wanda, Philipp Poisel, ICH + ICH, Tokio Hotel ("Through the monsoon"), Münchener Freiheit, Udo Jürgens and David Bowie ("Heroes" in its German Version).

Annett Louisan was able to win some of the prices: the ECHO Pop artist of the year national Rock/Pop (2005), the Golden tuning fork as the most successful soloist in Pop (2005 and 2006) and DIVA-Award as a New Talent of the Year (2005).

Her Debut Album "Bohème" spent almost a year in the German album charts.

At the beginning of 2016, Annett took a lot of energy. An Ex-boyfriend, with whom she was before her big breakthrough in 2004, was blackmailing the singer and claimed him money was because he will advise you at the time, musically, and thus made a significant contribution to your success. You don’t pay him the money demanded, he would refer the matter to a "personal intangible way" rules. Fortunately, the court gave Annett Louisan law, and condemned her blackmailer to a fine.

Biography of Annett Louisan

As we are happy to remind us of the following lines: "You fall in love / because of you being with me to do / that you so hits / I didn’t know / it was never meant to be / that you feel / like one of many". With a sweet voice, tender, innocent and at the same time seductive and kokettierend singing Annett Louisan since 2004 with Songs such as "The Game" with much irony and wit in the hearts of their Fans.

The love of painting and music

Annett Louisan comes in April 1979 in Havelberg in the former German democratic Republic as Annett Päge to the world. She is raised by her single mother with the active support of the grandparents. After the turn of Annett moves with her mother to Hamburg, and learns for the first Time in the big city. From the city air and the many new impressions inspired Annett discovered her love for painting and music. As put two hearts in your chest you can not decide really for one of the two passions. After school, she begins a painting, studying at the University of art in Hamburg, but continued as a singer on the stage and in the recording Studio to Finance her studies .

Eurovision Song Contest

Ten legendary winner-artist

Great success with the debut album "Bohème"

In her hometown of Hamburg Annett, the choosing now derived from the name of her grandmother, Louise is the stage name of Annett Louisan hits at the right time, the right people, more specifically musicians said. In cooperation with them The love of painting first work, the Album "Bohème", this hits like a bomb and double platinum. Also the successor to "Unspoken" will be rewarded with Gold and platinum .

Albums by Annett Louisan

  • "Bohème" (2004)
  • "Unspoken" (2005)
  • "The optimal life" (2007)
  • "Part-time hippie" (2008)
  • "In my mid" (2011)
  • "Too much Information" (2014)
  • "Berlin, Cape Town, Prague" (2016)

Annett and love

But in addition to sunshine, the enormous musical achievements and your TV debut in the VOX-the success show "Sing Song my – The exchange concert" had Annett Louisan fight with the bad times. Since the turbulent rotating love carousel would be. From 2004 to 2008, Annett was, first, secretly, with Gazi Isikatli married. After the separation, a new of hair had color, she switched from blonde to brunette – and a change of scenery, including a move from Hamburg to Berlin.

With the 1.52 meters small singer had a new love: the canadian singer-Songwriter Martin Gallop. The two knew each other longer, and he accompanied her on Tour and wrote some of the Songs from the love of painting the fourth Album "Part-time hippie". But this young happiness did not last long and Annett moved to the separation in your choice home to Hamburg back.

Your own family

She met the producer Marcus Brosch, among other things, for the shock Princess Helene Fischer works, and in 2014, the marriage followed. For Annett Louisan marriage number two, but this Time she seems to have the great Los drawn: "I already Love the big, the big started and always difficult. When my husband and I for the first Time the feeling, it is still a bit more love, and that feels great ." For even more love, the first offspring of the two: daughter Emmylou then since the summer of 2017 .

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