Arnd Peiffer

Bronze, silver, Gold biathlete Arnd Peiffer looks back on many medals, Olympic victories and world Cup titles and has remained delightfully modest

Arnd Pfeiffer (*1987), Biathlete

Arnd Peiffer

  • Born 18. In March 1987 , Wolfenbüttel
  • First Name Arnd
  • Name Peiffer
  • Years 33
  • Size 1.85 m
  • Zodiac Sign Pisces
  • Partner (married since 2017)
  • Children Child (*2018)

Not everyone knows that

Arnd Peiffers favorite hobby is to read. Prefer long exciting novels.

Arnd is a professional Police officer. He / she performs this activity with the same passion as the Biathlon .

Luck in the misfortune: Arnd Peiffer had a fall in February 2016 at the biathlon world Cup in Presque Isle (United States) a serious. Peiffer came fortunately with a severe concussion, lacerations to the face and bruises in the chest area of.

Biography of Arnd Peiffer

Biathlon star, successful, attractive

Early ski jumpers like Sven Hannawald let the hearts of young girls a beat. Today, the biathletes as Arnd Peiffer, who belongs to the ranks of the successful German biathletes are. Unlike many of his team-mates of the successful winter athletes grew up in the South, close to the Alps, but in the lower Saxony town of Wolfenbüttel. With a size of 1.85 m and a weight of 82 kilograms, he is the perfect Athlete for the sport of biathlon. He is from Mark Kirchner trained and goes for the WSV Clausthal-Zellerfeld at the Start, for he is ever since his ninth year on the skis .

From the beginning, in the fast Lane

Since 1996, Arnd operates long-run. Later, the shoot came to be, and the perfect team was born. Already on his first international appearance Arnd started. When The European Cup of juniors in December 2007 he took fifth place in the individual. The highlight of his first season in 2007 / 2008 were for him Junior world Championships in Ruhpolding, where he won two bronze medals .

"Every mom is the family Manager"

Of the juniors, it was already a year later, to the men with whom he is on 8. January 2009, as a member of the German 4×7.5 km relay at the World Cup in Oberhof made his debut. Here, too, the high-Flyer managed to reach the Podium. He completed his impressive first season with a victory in the world Cup races at the last world Cup stop of the Season in Khanty-Mansiysk. Since then, Arnd Peiffer is part of the festival of the nominated starters for the German world Cup team.

Not afraid of setbacks

Arnd Peiffer was slowed on the Fast track out. The 2010 Winter Olympic Games in Vancouver didn’t go quite as successfully as planned. In addition to ranking 17th in the mass start in fifth place was the German season, his best result. But Arnd, the acts of private rather shy and reserved, not to be thrown back. In the case of the World Cup 2011 he was ambitious and full of Motivation at the Start. That has paid off. In Khanty-Mansiysk won Arnd with the German mixed relay silver and thus his third World championship medal in the Mixed relay. Two days later, he was even world champion in the Sprint. With this success, he was the best German in the winter.

Olympic Gold!

In the case of Olympic 2014 in Sochi he won the German men’s relay silver medal, and also the same three-Time world Cup Gold. Severe he had it in the seasons of 2015, 2016 and 2017 – there was Gold again for him, always in the mass start.

In the case of Olympia 2018 in Pyeongchang finally, the big throw succeeded: thanks to a great performance and error-free shooting with a gun, at the a short time before the firing pin was broken, he had the less accurate of the world’s elite, including Martin Fourcade, and won Gold in the 10-km Sprint. This was so surprising, and was so delighted that he wanted to celebrate, definitely, although in the result of a number of other competitions days still to complete were. "With 30 you have to celebrate the festivals as they fall. A beer I leave me tonight don’t take", so, Peiffer after the victory.

Hurt’s? Well – a celebration of beer, it would probably not have hardly any, that he was in the Mixed relay in the best of shape, a protrusion playful, and the team missed a medal in the past week. With the Men’s team, he ended up with Bronze again on the podium.

World champion in 2019

A second Highlight in Peiffers career of the world champion title he won in the men’s 20 km in March 2019 was – it was the first victory of a German Biathlon-men’s in this discipline for the past 20 years. Gem: the complete, error-free shooting. "With the single, I still had a score to settle, I could make friends somehow never with the race. I’m all the more delighted that it has now folded ", Peiffer said the ZDF in an Interview. A Arnd Peiffer is not loose.

Arnd private

On the skis feels Arnd for sure. He loves the winter sports, when he can feel the cool air with each breath, the red Mat in front of sees and knows, that it is equal to the shoot. But he misses also, of course, his family and his Woman he married in the summer of 2017 only . Arnd Peiffer is a family man. In the Winter of 2018, he had a world Cup race, to be at the birth of his first child – he had kept even theoretically, another weekend free. When he is home, he slides like a ball, going to buddies, and is pleased that he does not have a fixed daily routine .

During the competition, time is clocked, everything, eating, Sleeping, Training, etc. If Arnd then has a break, he enjoys reading, or shooting small Videos, so a couple of memories to store for later .

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