Beauty Bestseller The 7 best sustainable products from Amazon

Beauty Bestseller The 7 best sustainable products from Amazon

Optimal care from nature In the case of Amazon, we can shop just about anything. Sustainable products are becoming more popular and are represented at the Online giant in the Bestseller Ranking. Bamboo toothbrushes include, for example, to the top Sellers.

Of Outdoor Freakz, there are, for example, the biodegradable brushes, which has already convinced more than 300 customers. The bristles are optimized with bamboo charcoal, so you can expect a great and clean cleaning experience, the manufacturer promises. Here you can have a Set of 4 for about 10 Euro shopping Whether for the ear cleaning, or for Repair of small cosmetic error-cotton swabs are part of a successful Beauty treatment just. In order for this to happens but as environmentally friendly as possible, are cotton swabs made of bamboo and cotton is a great Alternative.

Which are according to the manufacturer, 1 00 percent biodegradable , vegan and sustainable.

You should even be compostable – awesome, right? No wonder, then, that the sustainable product of pandoo Bestseller has blossomed. Here you can 800 for about 11 Euro shop If you’re putting makeup on every day and in the evening, the Make-up removing, use you him year 365 facial tissues – lasting kind of different!

Luckily, there are an environmentally friendly Alternative , which is one of the absolute Beauty-best-sellers: the Kosmetikpads of waschies ! The are made from soft microfiber and is intended to ensure a gentle cleaning.

According to the manufacturer, it is sufficient to moisten the Patches with warm water and remove the make-up. You can wash the Pads in the case of b is up to 95 degrees and used again. Here you can a Set of 3 for about 10 Euro shopping Conventional dental floss is, in principle, nothing more than a plastic thread.

An ecological variant of Chinchilla . The N aturzahnseide is made of 100 percent real silk and is according to the Brand-particularly gentle for the gums.

In addition, the dental floss compostable . Another plus point: Even the packaging is sustainable, because the dental care is delivered in a glass bottle. Here you can see the dental floss for about 9 Euro, A further Beauty shop-bestsellers from the nature of the “Original Aleppo soap” by Green , Valerie scho n has convinced almost 500 Users, and is equal to a number of reasons. The fact that the soap is very skin friendly that you can materials 100% natural ingredients would be but since.

Therefore, it is suitable for people with sensitive skin , prone to impurities. Secondly, the packaging is impressive soap “Aleppo”: it is delivered in paper and is free of all plastic waste. Here, you can’t be a Set of 2 for about 17 Euro shopping silicones, parabens, and co. are only harmful to the environment, but also for the hair . You are complaining and can be a long-time brittle and straw-like. With the hair mask of Love & Beauty Planet is that supposed to be snow from yesterday.

The “Blooming Strength & Shine hair mask” is vegan and contains 98 per cent natural ingredients , such as coconut oil.

Also, the bottle is 100 percent recyclable. A Must-have for your daily hair care . Here you can see the conditioner in for about 8 Euro shop In terms of skin care, we have also discovered a Beauty Bestseller. The products of Mother Nature Cosmetics contain all natural ingredients such as apricot kernel oil, Vitamin E and hyaluronic acid . The latter v ersorgt the skin with moisture and can increase the volume according to the manufacturer, the wrinkle from the inside . Sustainable packaging is The natural cream is in a recyclable brown glass. Here you can see the Anti-wrinkle cream for about 23 Euro shop

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