Boxing legend Holyfield, “I’m ready for Tyson”

A spectacular duel is getting closer

Boxing legend Holyfield: “I’m ready for Tyson"

16. May 2020 – At 22:58

The Largest of their time

It would be one of the most spectacular duels of the Box story: A new edition of the duel Mike Tyson against Evander Holyfield. Two icons of the heavy weight and the Largest of its time. A Fight of the two Boxing legends is getting closer. After the full-bodied announcements of "Iron Mike" Holyfield let the world know: "I’m ready".

Tyson is a warrior

A post shared from Evander Holyfield (@Evander Holyfield) on may 12, 2020 at 8:02 PM PDT

And both have proven that they are back in shape. The Age? Plays hardly a role. "I would do that! Yes, I’d like to fight Mike Tyson ", Holyfield, the Sun said: "I’m open to it, and I know that I want to cut with 57 well. I can definitely deal with it ."

If the money is right, is a battle probably only a matter of time. He could put the Jab and his punches still. A sign of Holyfield that Tyson has probably only been waiting for. For weeks, the 53-year-old Ex-world champion is preparing for his Comeback. Trained as in the best of times. "Everything is possible. I feel unstoppable. The gods of war brought me back, my Ego rekindled and want me to move back in the war. I feel young again."

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