Carolin Kebekus

Carolin Kebekus is one of the few women who have succeeded in the male-dominated German Comedy scene. Her recipe for success: self-irony and bitter evil sarcasm

Carolin Kebekus

  • Born 9. In May 1980 , Bergisch Gladbach, North Rhine-Westphalia
  • First Name Carolin
  • Name Kebekus
  • Years 40
  • Size 1.64 m
  • Zodiac Taurus

Not everyone knows that

Carolin Kebekus With not only Comedy, but also music: "De Imis" she has a Band of his own. You also connects both worlds, made from Adele’s Song "Hello" the carnival song "Helau".

Carolin Kebekus make it, the "Friday Night News" from the Intern to the presenter work: "Actually, I should be cooking just coffee, but each Show is happy about it, even if one is a woman. If You can five minutes of fun, You’re in."

Your private Carolin Kebekus life is sacred. She stood revealed in Interviews, nothing about their Relationship. It has, however, a persistent rumor that the man should be at your side, stand-up comedian Serdar Somuncu .

Biography of Carolin Kebekus

Carolin Kebekus is one of the most popular female Comedy Stars. No wonder, because behind her cute appearance, a sense of Humor that is full of cynicism, and like below the belt is hidden .

Breakthrough as Bill Kaulitz

With their hilarious parody on Bill Kaulitz, Carolin Kebekus was known. While the a on your representation of the "Tokio Hotel"-Singer’s tears, laughed, came, however, numerous insults of the Fans of the Band. The turmoil of the parody of the girl swarm, however, was not an obstacle, on the contrary, Carolin was widely known and performed in numerous Comedy formats such as "Friday Night News", "Free muzzle XXL" and "The Wedding Crasher" on.

Adele-Cover inspired the rest of the

Rebellion in a nun’s robe

But in addition to its lucrative Entertainment performances, it is of the comedienne is always important to take a stand. For your WDR broadcast "Kebekus!" the Comedy Star filmed a Clip in which she slipped in a nun costume and a crucifix licked. In the Rap, there were provocative passages of text, such as "He is my Bank, only for him I draw a blank". They did not scruple to make allusions to sexual abuse within the Catholic Church. That was the WDR-editors, however, is too delicate and you don’t broadcast it . Carolin Kebekus complained publicly about the censorship of the transmitter. The caused however, even for 100 Ads have been received against the comedian, the you the facts "Abuse of confessions, religious societies and world view associations" accused. The procedure, however, was set.

"Pussy Terror"

Fortunately, Carolin Kebekus can say on stage, what do you want With your Comedy Program "Pussy Terror" you went in 2012 for the first time on Tour. In 2016, she went with the Successor "Alpha Pussy" again on a big tour. Their sold-out performances show that your cynical Humor hits with a good Dose of self-irony, the Zeitgeist of the audience. The WDR is a saw then also and gave the unconventional Comedy-Star 2015 "Pussy Terror TV" again own show.

From the private Carolin Kebekus, the comedienne makes a secret

While Carolin Kebekus takes in front of the cameras, no sheet before the mouth is silent, the baloney-maker, but rather, when it comes to your private life. The private Carolin virtually nothing is known. The more we are pleased when the funny woman gives rare insight into her private life. In the spring of 2019, one of these rare moments happened in a talk show. On the occasion of father’s day, the comedienne spoke about her father, and betrayed, what a tragic event brought them a whole day to cry . "My father has had a typical mustache. Like him in the ‘ 80s had by all. The is now in. My father has shaved it off but time. I know. In The Summer Of. Since my brother and I have been crying all day, because we found it so terrible ." Clearly, a Carolin Kebekus does not really look deeply and if there is ever private stories, you need to at least be funny.

Movies and TV shows with Carolin Kebekus (selection)

  • 2006: "Friday Night News"
  • 2009-2011: "Broken Comedy"
  • 2010: "Bernd + Friends" (four episodes)
  • 2011: "The Week Of The Show"
  • 2012: "Hanni + Nanni 2"
  • 2012: "Agent Ranjid saves the world"
  • 2012: "The Pro Seven Fairy-Tale Hour"
  • 2013: "Ritter Rost – Eisenhart + fully dented"
  • 2013: "TV total Prunksitzung"
  • since 2013: "today show"
  • 2013: "Kebekus!"
  • 2013: "Crazy!"
  • 2013: "Eye TV – The crazy doll channel" (Speaker)
  • 2014: "Misleading male"
  • 2014: "Mario Barth covers !"
  • since 2015: "Pussy terror TV"
  • 2018: "Sketch History"

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