Corinna Harfouch #MeTooDebatte is “a small step”

Corinna Harfouch: #MeToo-the debate is "a small step"

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  • 29.04.2018

Corinna Harfouch takes place, it is important that the allegations against Dieter Wedel were made public. However, this is only a small step.

At the latest with the abuse allegations against film Director Dieter Wedel (75) is the #MeToo-debate in Germany. That these allegations were made public, the actress Corinna Harfouch (63, "Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door") "very important", as you now, in an Interview with the "World on Sunday" says. However, this is only a small step to a larger Problem.

"It was like a beacon, the first jump that we made in Germany in the right direction ", so Harfouch. Previously it was in Germany, with similar allegations "stuffy uptight" handled: "Just even more of a lid on it." In the #MeToo-debate it, but the parent of equality. This is for the 63-Year-old a "much more important debate".

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Criticism of the fellow

For the statements of their acting colleague, Catherine Deneuve (74, "A summer in Provence") has Harfouch, however, no understanding. The 74-Year-old had the #MeToo campaign in an open letter with the words "legitimate Protest against sexual violence" have turned into a witch-hunt, writes: "I think it’s bad when women build up such scenarios – for they only distract from the big questions: How do we deal with each other in future? And especially: How we can reach these extreme Men-heaviness in leadership positions just so?", so Harfouch.

Also provides for the 63-Year-old, the changes in Germany "a bit slow, stuffy, effete" rolling, as, for example, in the United States. But that is maybe also the German nature. "I put on a long-term approach. It would certainly be missed a great Chance, if now it all seeped to the great indignation ", find Harfouch.

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