Flu or cold symptoms, treatment and differences

The flu or the common cold: symptoms, treatment and differences.

Health: flu or common cold: symptoms, treatment and differences.

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You cough sniffle and feel miserable – is this just a cold or a flu?

It is a cold or the flu?

It is a cold or the flu?

“I have the flu!” Each of us probably knows people who claim that with regularity. But a real flu is a serious disease, which does not occur fortunately, not so often. Often it is just a cold. But what are the differences actually? And how victims interpret the symptoms correctly? With these tips, you will learn how to interpret the complaints correctly and to distinguish the flu and colds from each other .

The common cold: Flu infection due to Virus infection.

A cold you can catch quickly – maybe you said so many names: viral colds, viral infections and rhinopharyngitis, for example, or colloquially a runny nose and a bad Cold. Just a Name may not apply to you: The common cold is not the flu!

So bad is the effect on the body .

When a cold is approaching, you feel often felt chilly and tired. Other symptoms: you need to drip, sneezing and nose scratching in the throat. Cough, thick nose and thick head are clear signs that a cold has caught you, and that you have a cold .

A cold starts often very slow. Who can, puts quickly to bed – sometimes you can prevent the outbreak of the common cold by resting and sleep. Just when your body has a strong immune system, give him the Chance, from its own power with the virus to cope. There are over 200 different viruses are known to cause a cold and the slightly different symptoms and progressions lead.

If the cold takes its course, you will have to do several days with running or blocked nose, cough a lot, feel hot but no fever over 38 degrees. Not infrequently added to the cold sore throat, headache and a slight pain in limb .

Cold, people feel groggy and less powerful, and a flu infection isn’t all that pleasant. Despite the subjective feeling of being ill but they are still able to remain active and to go for example to work. Extreme physical exertion should be avoided, however, and on sports do without, until it is again fully recovered. And sleep more the recovery is accelerating rest. With home remedies or over-the-counter medicines from the pharmacy the symptoms of a cold can relieve.

The flu: in addition to combat virus set from influenza.

So unpleasant a runny nose may be a In comparison to influenza, which is named after their causative agent a virus of Influenza, a common cold, only a gentle breeze. Unlike the common cold, not-human, a flu-face – you skin literally. Cold and flu can be distinguished by the rapid and dramatic history the the Influenza. From now on the same symptoms, such as lethargy make a sudden, pain in the limbs, sweats and chills, headache, sore throat and cough is noticeable, and the temperature can be in the case of a real flu quickly to about 40 degrees rise.

The incubation period of Influenza is only short, it is between few hours and three days. So, it is likely that some of the fresh Infected already half a day later, barely on his feet. While you feel for a cold, limp and listless and insidiously sick, comes down with the flu with a distinctive and severe disease feel the symptoms be triggered suddenly .

The question of whether, for example, despite the flu to work, not for most of the therefore – they were not simply able to. And this is to sleep in the greatest need of those suffering from Influenza, which sometimes are also particularly light and noise sensitive.

Anyone who has a flu and high fever, is sick, and belongs to bed. Head – and body aches, fever, cough and heavy breathing you are pests for a while. Here, too, a lot of rest and sleep to help the immune system in its work. To avoid complications and other non-infect, you should definitely stay home. Since it is a viral disease also help no antibiotics – the symptoms of the flu can merely relieve. To cure fully, you need one thing above all: patience.

How long is a flu or a cold take ?

The real flu is a serious illness that often lasts for three to six weeks, sometimes longer. After a Convalescence period usually you recover and get your strength back to. Performance and fitness level are only affected significantly: The body had to work hard to be healthy again, and who located last longer in bed and less moves, you can feel the changes of circulation, blood pressure and muscles. Until you are back in your usual Form, it can sometimes take two to three months. This, however, depends on your General health: With a robust basic Constitution, without chronic diseases and in recent years, the way a flu is simply better .

Anyone who has a cold just, is, thankfully, faster than the infection away. “A cold comes three days, stays three days and goes for three days”, says the vernacular, and is thus quite correct. Longer than ten days a cold lasts extremely rare, and in the case of slight gradients to get rid of the cold after only a brief week. Here, too, age and health, and the immune system play a large role.

Treatment and complications of the flu and the common cold.

Both the flu and the common cold, you can typically survive without medical and drug assistance and cure. As I said, rest and sleep to accelerate the recovery, and are essential so that the body can regenerate. It is also important to drink plenty of water, herbal tea and Juice are suitable to the fluid loss due to fever and sweating balance and to flush pathogens from the body .

Fall back on proven home remedies, for example, calf wraps for fever, chicken soup, hot lemon juice with ginger and hot elderberry juice for cough and cold. You have to strain your body with unnecessary heavy meals. Light and fresh foods will do you good now. Also over-the-counter medicines from the pharmacy or food supplements from the health food store will help you to overcome the symptoms .

When do you need a doctor?

Both flu as well as colds, virus diseases, this is not to say, antibiotics will help anyway. Who needs no Sick leave, need not necessarily be a doctor.

However, if you have chronic diseases, in particular immune deficiency or respiratory disease, the flu, and possibly even colds you may quickly have a more severe course. Because it can be useful early medical advice. Also if you have a high fever of over 41 degrees, if your symptoms such as body aches, cough, or weakness are extreme, and simply does not get better or if you get new symptoms, you should consult a doctor, a home visit, ask for, or even an emergency contact. It may happen that you end up with a severe flu in the hospital .

To a cold (and flu) can be, for example, quickly Bronchitis journeyman, the bacterial as well as viral origin. This can be with the appropriate medications, get a grip. Serious if a lung infection is added.

Some people land it to the doctor, if you really thought that you are already healthy again. Who overexert themselves in advance physically, risking, thereby, for example, an inflammation of the heart muscle. Therefore, it is important that you heal yourself completely and then only once a little quieter can. You can make walks in the fresh air, before you start again with your sport program .

Cold and flu: prevention and vaccination.

A strong immune system is the best protection against colds. Some of the small Virus, the you To possibly checkmate, can fend off an efficient immune system successfully. A balanced, nutrient-rich diet, not drinking too much alcohol, not enough exercise, and sports, good stress management, as well as, for example, visits to the sauna to Harden, are appropriate measures to strengthen the defenses. Drinking plenty is also important to moisturize the mucous membranes and to protect the respiratory tract .

If it catches you but again, don’t worry: This does not automatically mean that your immune system is weak. Some viruses are just more devious than others – and in the case of the contact your body has met a new potential enemy and for the future prepared.

Influenza vaccination.

You have been infected with the influenza viruses A and B, then the strongest immune system, usually helps nothing – flu viruses, just really sick, and pretty much every. This is partly due to the fact that you are incapable of change and that our immune system can’t adjust quickly enough to the fact .

Therefore, you should set in the fall or Winter against flu inoculate to give his body in time, the Chance, the probably most common pathogens for the coming flu season and to make antibodies. Scientists analyze the world flu, the development of new pathogen types, in order to provide timely and appropriate vaccine. Therefore, it is important to get each year vaccination – particularly for vulnerable and older people.

Absolute protection the flu shot offers unfortunately. Sometimes, ironically, those strains of the Virus for a Flu pandemic, the researchers in the development of the vaccine had not yet on the screen. In most years, vaccination can protect many people from the Flu. The flu vaccination is especially recommended for elderly and chronically ill people, as well as all those who meet in your everyday life with many people together, or whose immune system is weakened by medications or disease .

Important: Always good to wash your hands.

The simplest protection against the flu is also consistent Hygiene and prevention. You go to a possible infection out of the way, especially if you are already hitting vulnerable or already health. Avoid, if possible, large gatherings of people, and they don’t come already Diseased as to be close to. Regular ventilation helps your home to be fresh, healthy air.

Last, but not least: Frequent and thorough hand washing for 30 seconds with warm water and soap – so simple, but is often neglected. In doing so, we infect ourselves is not rare in this way. This is particularly important is to wash their hands after coming home, but also regularly in-between, you should keep in mind. You remain, hopefully, both the flu as well as colds spared.

This article contains only General information, and should not be used for self-diagnosis or treatment. He can not seek to replace a doctor’s visit, which is why we strongly encourage you to have a specialist. Get well soon wishes to your GALA.de-Team.

Advisor on the subject of cold.

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