George Clooney is No new Queen of hearts

George Clooney is No new Queen of hearts hope to

George Clooney: No new Queen of hearts.

George Clooney: No new Queen of hearts.

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Hollywood star George Clooney quipped he would have to be an athlete, if he wanted to have fun with all the ladies with whom he is associated .

George Clooney (52) denied a new relationship and was used to humorous words.

George Clooney is No new Queen of hearts she had one Dinner

The actor (‘Up in the Air’) is placed on the market since his split from Stacy Keibler, with all sorts of women – for example, the Croatian Model Monika Jakisic, and London lawyer Amal Alamuddin, and the film beauty Katie Holmes (34, ‘Batman Begins’) was already called.

She behaves “like a twelve-year-old”

“Three different stories in three weeks. I will probably have to be an athlete! But no, it’s all up,” he explained to ‘People’. While George Clooney sees the funny side to the rumours, is amused by his spokesman, Stan Rosenfield less: “George wants this Monika-stop crap. He wants Katie can breathe through, and he wants Amal is able to work with their cases continue to be treated with hostility, because she had one Dinner with George and four others. I asked George whether the rumors were true and he said that he wants to be private not to live actually comment, but in the hope to stop the witch hunt against the three women, he found, he would have to.”

Also a close friend of Clooney’s, standing in for his mate in the breach: “George is not affiliated with Monika, I have been in years, he is also with Katie Holmes – he hugged her at a Premiere – and he’s also not Amal’s friend, with the help of a satellite-monitoring program on Syria is working.”

There have to be patient Fans and the media, probably a little more, until George Clooney shows up with a new accompaniment on the red carpet .

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