Gil Ofarim Poignant Post of brother valley after father’s death

Gil Ofarim: Poignant Post of brother valley after father’s death.

Gil Ofarims brother: brother valley surprised with the Instagram Post for Abi Ofarim (†)

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Not only Gil Ofarim, but also his brother, the valley is grieving on Instagram of his late father, Abi Ofarim. On the occasion of father’s day, the son remembers his recently deceased father.

Valley and Abi Ofarim.

Valley and Abi Ofarim.

A week ago Abi Ofarim died at the age of 80 years. The musician was for a long time in the hospital, fought to a number of physical ailments, but back to life. The father of Gil Ofarim and his younger brother Tal Ofarim it went better again, but then Abi died unexpectedly. All the same, His common-law wife, and his sons were in the last few hours with him and accompanied him on his way. It’s a sad day particularly for the two sons.

Gil Ofarim shares his grief.

Gil expressed his grief on Instagram of expression: First, he posted a photo of interlocking arms, to three points. Then a photo of his father and the only word “Aba” (Hebrew word for father)followed .

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Tal Ofarim detector to word.

Now Gil’s brother, Tal spoke up. Also on Instagram he posted a picture of Abi and the ascension of Christ and the father’s day. To this end, he wrote the poignant words: “. happy father’s day. thank you sooo much. “His Followers feel with the Ex-“The Voice of Germany”-participant, and wish him and his family, of course, all the best.

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