Gilmore Girls Those secrets reveals Lauren Graham alias Lorelai

Gilmore Girls Those secrets reveals Lauren Graham alias Lorelai Chow-Chow, Graham

Gilmore Girls: Those secrets reveals to Lorelai.

>> All the information about the cult series “Gilmore Girls”

Gilmore Girls: Those secrets reveals to Lorelai.

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Not only are there new episodes of the “Gilmore Girls”. Lauren Graham alias Lorelai has also brought out a book.

Fans of the series “Gilmore Girls” will just be twice blessed. A few days ago on Netflix four new episodes, feature-length film about Lorelai and her now very adult daughter Rory to see. In addition to “Gilmore Girls: A new year” – the four episodes are named after the seasons – but there is also a new book that offers a lot of additional material for the series: It originates from Lorelai-actress Lauren Graham, 49, and is called “Talking as Fast as I Can”. According to the “” trying to put the actress in her autobiography some of the secrets .

The first encounter between Alexis Bledel and Lauren Graham.

“James Bond”- Anniversary Film.

It’s official! The movie title is .

Graham and series-daughter Alexis Bledel, 35, met accordingly, for the first Time in a Hotel Lobby in Canada. They had both been to the series engaged, without ever seen, writes Graham. No one had previously had the opportunity to clarify whether “mother and daughter” were at all similar. Alexis Bledel was immediately sympathetic, so Graham.

“Emily” had the right man for Graham.

Gilmore Girls Those secrets reveals Lauren Graham alias Lorelai According to

Kelly Bishop, 72, which is seen as a nearly perfect mother, Emily Gilmore in the series, told Graham, you should data this “wonderful actor from “Six Feet Under” alias Peter Krause”. On the Set of “Parenthood” met Graham and Krause then and actually sparked it, the two are, since 2010, a Few. The friends, who Graham had previously, were able to convince Bishop by the way, never really .

This wedding did not like Graham .

Graham reveals in the book that you found it well as Lorelai and Christopher got married in the seventh season. I feel strangely attached to. “I thought Lorelai would not marry without Rory there.” Somehow you’ve managed to forget that it had ever happened, according to the actress.

Great anticipation of Rory, Lorelai + Co.

Living like the Gilmore Girls.

Dogs and Cameos.

Graham’s sister was also seen in the case of the “Gilmore Girls” to. She was going on a short appearance in the Episode, as Rory from Chilton. And also to Michels (Yanic Truesdale), Chow-Chow, Graham a history of Europe: The dog came in the same year, in the TV Show, as series Creator Amy Sherman-Palladino got one. To be on your dog the whole verse have been eating .

Graham tried to be vegan, to her mentor Ellen DeGeneres, 58, to emulate. “They gave me opportunities that I never had before, I wanted to make her pay for the way back, by I’m going to something more like,” it says in the book. What she has learned from this: It is good to look up people that you admired, but you should not make any life decisions, in the hope to be with Ellen for the lenses-invited and to be with her “Scandal” look .

It almost doesn’t seem enough for Lorelai .

Almost Graham could have the role of “Lorelai” not take over, they had already signed for another series. The was, however, cancelled, so the actress to hit the “Gilmore Girls” .

The “Gilmore Girls”-Stars today !

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