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Giorgio Armani.

Fashion designer Giorgio Armani, who made the T-Shirt for the Mr jacket socially acceptable, is considered to be Hollywood’s Hofschneider for Oscar winners.

Giorgio Armani.

Born 11. July, 1934 , Piacenza/ Italy First Name Giorgio Name Armani Years 85 Size –

The Zodiac Sign Of Cancer.

Not everyone knows that.

The flight attendants of the “Alitalia” since 1991 “Armani”.

The bachelor is the only major fashion designers, had not, as yet, of one of the big fashion corporations buy. But that should change. Whether it is the French cosmetics giant L’oréal is to buy the Italian luxury brand? Cooperation in the area of cosmetics and perfume which already exists. Giorgio is diplomatic: “L’oréal could be a Partner. But if someone offers a different more, can also be of the partners”. Experts estimate the value of the company at five billion euros.

For crying out loud, if just before the Oscars again the prominent customers spin the wheel: “This is really a Drama. If the Stars see the collection, they all say: ‘Fantastic for the Oscars.’ And just before the Celebration you want to have then but everything is different,” complained the veteran in January 2007. Then Giorgios people need robes to his Design create in the shortest possible time once again to Hand, and the personal touch bring in. Of course, the Complaining on a high level, the coveted Designer about dealing with Hollywood Stars smiled .

A knack it must have: not to exceed Even in the simplicity of designs, the Designer of new consumer goods, he brings an extremely charming to the woman and the man. “In Munich there is a fashion sense that is so similar to the one in Milan. Therefore, also in Munich should get an Armani Boutique. Here, there is a corresponding clientele for fashion, flowers, books, furniture – a formula that also worked in Milan,” said Giorgio at the opening of his two-storey Munich Nobel-Boutique to models from Milan, New York and Hong Kong in the year 2003.

Want to Giorgio to see thin women in its fashion? “I never wanted to ultra-thin Models,” he said to Look in October 2006, the London. “However, stylists and the media, a mix and want to currently see only Models that are incredibly thin. In my view, a woman does not have to be anorektisch, in order to be fashionable.” Other Highlights certain but then his London Show: Around 1,500 guests were invited for champagne, including Stars such as Beyonce, Leonardo DiCaprio, Elle Macpherson, Ashley Judd, and Bono. A part of the revenue was destined for his relief project for the fight against Aids in Africa .

“Bussi Bussi”, Milan’s most kissed man’s name is Giorgio Armani. And although the silvery Eminence Giorgio is actually rather reserved, he enjoys the swanky shindig, and the court jester, the pay homage to him. The cult belongs to the Business and wants to be cared for. The women love the white-haired Charmer. The over 80-year-old operates Armani stores on all continents and is still without a Bodyguard on the road – so in any case seen strolling in Milan streets.

His fashion is expanding – matters of the heart were for the bachelors never in the spotlight. The founder, owner and chief designer of the Armani Empire has no children, and therefore, the company is to be sold in the near future: LVMH, the Gucci group, and L’oréal are in the conversation. Giorgio’s niece Roberta Armani, who works as a designer at her uncle, saw one at the fashion show in January 2007 at the end of the stage. You is sure to lead you to the style of your uncle’s Fort.

The Italian design genius has revolutionized the fashion end of the 70s, by making the T-Shirt to the jacket acceptable. He also presented women in men suits, which he missed those relaxed cut, with Richard, the women Gere “American Gigolo” seduced. “Who actually plays this scene, me or the jacket?” asked Gere supposedly during the filming. The Business Look he gave comfort, he separated from the jacket to the lining. Those “jacket and destrutturata” wears as comfortably as a cardigan and is the core piece of his suits, the look in their casualness erotic .

Elegant, portable and well-negotiable – these are the attributes of his clothes. Which female Star wants to have his style, most clearly embodied by the fact the creators of fashion, not nail. “It’s hard to name just one. Some of my favorites are Michelle Pfeiffer, Julia Roberts, Mira Sorvino, Uma Thurman, Queen Rania of Jordan and Milla Jovovich”, so Giorgio about his famous customers in any case. In Hollywood, he is also a popular costume designer.

He leaves clues everywhere: Its distinctive Design, he left in 2003 during the Milan fashion weeks, matt has been on a “Mercedes-Benz CLK Giorgio Armani Design Car” Shine. He had kept the entire car in his typical “Armani-sand colors”, velvet Canvas soft top and the finest leather interior. A fruitful collaboration, because Mercedes sponsored in the same year, the monumental “Giorgio-Armani”exhibition, which was shown in the New national gallery in Berlin. A theatre Director Robert Wilson designed a black space where the clothes according to color groups sorted in a endless snake floating in the air. Here, however, showed that the Armani luxury works even better to the well-proportioned makers .

Where the fashion of Armani worked well: On the Italian Olympic team during the games in London in 2012. And since 2014, she is also in the football bodies of the FC Bayern Munich is excellent, the Armani with his Made-To-Measure program einkleidete.

Giorgio Armani Profile, News, Images His fashion

Armani can, but don’t want to only clothing, but Armani Hotels, which are equipped with furniture (one of which is the Burj Khalifa in Dubai), since 2014, a Sushi Restaurant called “Armani/Nobu”, which is located in Milan and also the “Teatro Armani”, which provides since 2013, a place for designers to show during Fashion Weeks in Milan their collections .

Biography of Giorgio Armani.

Giorgio Armani has it: With the reduction he has a pure, transparent and at the same time extremely elegant in style, with which he conquered the world. Founded in 1975, Empire of the most successful Italian fashion designer is today in more than 60 countries with over 6000 employees is present. The Hofschneider, the Oscar winner was never Extreme. A straight line cultured he is, the colors of Black, White and created a Sandton, the flattered, and to fit everything. “My goal is to let people through my clothing your own style, Refine it, without making them fashion victims.” This Motto is also reflected in his own, always cool appearance – and he also has more than 80, as the founder, sole owner, CEO and Designer of his brand.

The career of the designer.

His Sense of fashion, which is probably innate. Still, Giorgio is a is first to study medicine, then try a bit of photography, before he gets the whole craft as a decorator and menswear buyer in a large Milanese Department store. With his astonishing large based on textiles and Design, he will know seven years later with no training as a Designer for Nino Cerrutis menswear “Hitman” is set. Engagement at Ungaro and Zegna follow shortly. In 1975, Giorgio founded his own Label for men’s fashion, his first women’s collection he returns a year later. In the beginning, a second Mr was involved in the brand: Sergio Galeotti, Giorgio’s former business and life partner. This encouraged the Designer, namely, to establish his own fashion house. Galeotti died, however, in 1985 of leukemia.

Gerda Lewis + Keno Setup.

The Ex-“Bachelor” holds Andrej Mangold of your love.

Giorgio Armani: great success.

The company is still a blast and has from the beginning an incredible success. The Name Armani is one of the fixed sizes in the fashion world. In 1981, the line will be expanded with “Emporio Armani”. For this line’s own shops will be opened, in which there are to buy Jeans, lingerie and men’s underwear. In addition, there are still the brands “Armani Jeans” and “Armani Junior”.

Culinary Modesty.

Unlike his contemporaries, such as Valentino, loves Giorgio Armani, it is restrained and unobtrusive. So he’s spending Christmas at his family in Milan and is looking forward to the annual mustard stuffed chicken and Tortellini with Butter and Parmesan cheese, a food which he knows from his mother. For Dessert, he indulges in the love Panetonne, a Milanese specialty Cakes, which he sweetens with whipped cream or chocolate. Nice to know that even so great a Design Star is so modest .

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