Global Gladiators 2018 Ben and Lucas Cordalis are Team leaders

Global Gladiators 2018 Ben and Lucas Cordalis are Team leaders the first

Global Gladiators 2018: Ben and Lucas Cordalis are Team leaders.

Global Gladiators: Team Hippie against Team ambition.

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The a have ambition, the other in a good mood: the new season of “Global Gladiators” meets spirituality on the spirit of sport.

In this world, everyone can be a Gladiator: This is probably the realisation after the first episode of the new season of ProSiebens “Global Gladiotors”. The participants compete in two Teams in Thailand against each other, could not be more different: Lucas Cordalis (51), known as Daniela cat Bergers (31, “From the baby luck up to the altar”) a man and a son of Costa Cordalis (74, “Anita”), is leading the Red Team, which one could call Ambitious. With Model and stunt woman with a violent history, Miriam Höller (31), Sabia Boulahrouz (40) and jungle king Joey Heindle (25, “Every day counts”).

Hats-Ben is head of the spiritual Team blue.

Team Blue has Ex-the cuddly singer, Ben (37, “angel”) to the leader, and consists of the spiritual, the actress and lover of Nature, Jana Pallaske (39, “Fack ju Göhte”), the stylist, actor and photographer Manuel Cortez (39, “fuck fish”) and rapper Sabrina Setlur (44, “) don’t You love me”.

Global Gladiators 2018 Ben and Lucas Cordalis are Team leaders known as Daniela cat Bergers

This man broke his heart .

Joey Heindle makes for laughs.

The fun begins even before the Teams are formed: All have to guess the total weight of the group. Joey Heindle is colossal next to it and the six participants estimated together only to 900, then 700 kg. After all, the have a laugh then first what to. Harmony-Ben later says aptly: “He’s not the brightest candle on the cake, but he is one of eight lights and one of the reasons why the room is bright.”

“Now the world knows how hard we are”

The Challenges are, especially for all the participants with a fear of heights. In the first, the best estimator, Sabrina, Manuel, Ben and Lucas – have to climb on a rope, the Whale Rocks down and Pay together. For the former Waldorf students, Ben is the absolute Horror. “First, a fear of heights, second, math. Put, six, and parents I want to speak as well”, he sums up his expectations of himself. And surprised all: with fear, he focused on the task that it solves the first to successfully .

Global Gladiators: The Punching Bag Challenge.

His “reward” is Challenge number two, and top it off With the bike first Lucas and then Ben boards over a cliff you must jump to a free-floating punching bag and hold it, as possible. The slope is 180 meters in depth. Even if the technology is not trusted and the tears is near, both will. The tears flow in the port – relief.

Don’t let go: singer Ben wraps around despite a fear of heights a hanging punching bag in 180 meters height.

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