Greta Gerwig is Charming indecisive

Greta Gerwig is Charming indecisive an indication of age, in

Greta Gerwig: Charming, indecisive.

Greta Gerwig: Charming, indecisive.

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A Star is born: Greta Gerwig all the heart to win – as a young verpeilte a New Yorker and away from the “Sex And The City”Lifestyle.

Greta Gerwig is Charming indecisive resonates with the feeling

Twentysomething. The word is more than an indication of age, in his life resonates with the feeling of a whole Generation. On the not quite adults, which prefer to “actually” and “sort of” to say, to confess, instead of clear. Even if Greta Gerwig soon your 30. Celebrates birthday: The actress is the new icon for millions of young people in the limbo between extended youth and have Arrived are.

“That was just self-protection”

Stars during the filming of 2013.

In the charming Indie Comedy “Frances Ha,” the turned-Director Noah Baumbach in Black-and-White, she embodies a woman who lives with her best friend in a shared apartment in Brooklyn, and as an unsuccessful Modern-Dance choreographer by wurschtelt. Your only mediocre relationship fails. Sounds depressing, but Gerwig plays this woman as a chaotic optimist, you believe to know from his circle of friends. You want to constantly give good advice, because she’s seemingly nothing on the line. But then she dances on the street, and we love you for your spontaneity.

“Some people look at me and see Chaos,” said Greta Gerwig at this year’s Berlinale where Frances Ha “” the showstopper to their Similarity with the main character. And they stressed that they would have no prefabricated idea of herself as an actress. Even if you already played in Woody Allen’s “To Rome With Love” or in addition to Natalie Portman in the romantic Comedy “friendship Plus”, sees Gerwig in the small, fine movies. With thirtysomething.

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