Guido Cantz, He assumes you Understand fun

Guido Cantz: He does “Understand fun?”

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Moderator change “Understand fun?”: Guido Cantz as of 2010, the shipment of his predecessor, Frank Elstner .

Beginning in the spring of 2010, a fresh Wind to the “ARD blows”classic “do you Understand fun?”: Guido Cantz will take over the broadcast by Frank Elstner. So far, the Comedy star hosted the Show “Deal or No Deal” on “Sat.1” that was discontinued at the end of 2008 for lack of success. The 38-Year old can concentrate fully on his new task .

“The TV legend Frank Elstner follows the saucy Entertainer Guido Cantz, a man who can inspire as a sub-holder for a mass audience, and especially among younger TV viewers is very popular,” says SWR-Intendant Peter Boudgoust, the decision for the Comedian.

Frank Elstner, the “Understand fun?” moderated since 2002, with its withdrawal satisfied: The 66-Year-old show master had already announced some time ago that he would like to spend more time with his family .