Kimberly Stewart pregnant with Benicio del Toro

Kimberly Stewart pregnant with Benicio del Toro

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Baby-happiness in the home, Stewart: Kimberly, daughter of rock singer Rod Stewart, is expecting her first child. The Surprise: Hollywood Star Benicio del Toro is the proud Papa! “Kimberly is pregnant . Benicio is the father and you will support in his role”, so in a nutshell, the official Statement of the spokesman of the two increasing was parents against the “People Magazine”. “Although they are not a Couple, they’re very pleased at the child,” it says further. The Surprise: The 31-year-old Model and Hollywood Bad Boy were never a Couple. From a One-Night Stand of the young, both full of anticipation, expecting apparently originated. But a child also assume responsibility for Kimberly, which is known as a Party Girl, and Affairs with Stars such as Rhys Ifans and Jude Law were said to have, as well as for Benicio, 44, is also not a child of sadness, is the life of a complete transition to family means.

But who has fun, it must also reckon with the consequences …

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