Naked photos of Miley Cyrus leaked Hacker attack!

Naked photos of Miley Cyrus leaked Hacker attack!

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More and more Hollywood Stars are afraid of the cunning attacks of hackers. Although they are accustomed to life in the Public, you want to keep at least some control – especially when it comes to very intimate insights. Of Miley Cyrus , 24, is now circulating, exactly the Nude photos on the net. The scandal noodle is actually well-known for their… let’s say, extravagant shoots.

According to the US Portal “GossipCop” to be free rapid images of the actress and singer, in the Internet published. On some of these photos she was completely naked. So Miley was naked in a Sauna, or even with free torso.

The site was already known to bring private photos of celebrities to the Public and had, therefore, even with different lawyers apart . Then the owner of the site removed in the past, for example, intimate shots of Amanda Syfried, 31, and Lucy Hale, 27. Whether and what are the consequences for the Hacker after the attack on Miley is still unclear. Ironically, Miley Cyrus , the shy away, however, before any of the scandal-Shooting, is robbed by hackers . Let’s be honest: What we have not seen because of her? For years Miley to be in the shortest Outfits to photograph, and to the racy, most poses of the day. But the allure seems to be for the hackers so far, however, not lost.

Still, A bit of privacy, wishes and even Miss Cyrus. Finally, you don’t want to with all the movement nevertheless, that these stated that private pictures are published. And that is legitimate. Maybe it only appears once scandalous private pictures of Hollywood Stars illegally to light, but also any “normal” Internet User can be attacks victims of hacking. The well-known Website “” not warns any user, to send to any contact pictures via WhatsApp.

Also the folder should be with the relevant photos on to the Computer with a password and not just in a Cloud stored secured.

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