These juices help you lose weight and make more beautiful!

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These juices help you lose weight and make more beautiful!

01. June, 2020 – 12:02 PM

Nice and slim by juice

Celebrities and Influencers such as Kim Kardashian, Katie Holmes and Miranda Kerr have a Beauty secret: celery juice! The green miracle drink helps weight loss, improves skin, and AIDS digestion. The taste, however, it is for a lot of getting used to. But don’t worry: nutritionist Ursula Small other juices that are not only delicious to tell us, but also help you lose weight and be fit and beautiful.

Lemon juice to lose weight

The juice of a lemon stimulates the hormone norepinephrine which boosts metabolism and fat-burning increases. Also in the lemon Vitamin C contributes to collagen formation. Thus, lemons will not only support the burning of fat but also the tightening of the body.

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Drink before Breakfast a glass of lukewarm water with half a squeezed lemon (good manual citrus presses* 🛒 costs between 10 to 15 Euro). Alternatively, you can sweeten the freshly squeezed lemon juice with a little honey, should it be too sour .

Citrus press made of stainless steel with drip tray

Citrus press made of stainless steel with drip tray

Ginger water Heats up the fat burning

Ginger is a versatile healthy. He not only stimulates the metabolism and digestion, but heats up the body with his sharp material Oleoresin. Through this heating, the burning of fat is increased.

Cut 3-4 slices of ginger (with peel) of the tuber and pour over with hot water. Then, about 15 minutes, and if necessary with agave syrup sweet.

With grapefruit juice stimulate the metabolism

The grapefruit bitter substance Naringin stimulates the metabolism and digestion. As well as lemons, Grapefruits have a high Vitamin C content. This contributes to the burning of fat in the body .

Drink once a day before meals half a glass of freshly squeezed grapefruit juice. A glass of enough to assist with weight loss .

Caution: Grapefruit when taking the Anti-Baby-pill is not suitable!

Beetroot juice is not to everyone’s taste, but a true all-rounder

The beetroot contains a lot of Vitamin C and B which promote the burning of fat. Also, it has plenty of nutrients and is therefore perfect for Detoxing.

The beetroot, simply peel and place in a blender or juicer type. To make the detoxifying drink tastier, you can add a carrot and half a lemon .

Electric juicer from Philips for ginger, beetroot & Co.

Electric juicer from Philips for ginger, beetroot & Co.

Red grape juice to lose weight

In red grape juice, the Antioxidant Resveratrol is. This is supposed to help the body burn fat faster. It also stimulates the metabolism, which also contributes to weight loss .

You consume only pure grape juice. A glass of the day enough already. Drink, you go to him before bedtime. To boost fat-burning in the night .

Miracle Juice: Celery Juice

If you are a celery Fan, and he tastes them, is celery juice a real all-rounder. Here we reveal nine reasons why celery juice is so healthy .

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